EXKAL participates in the V Program “Family Business in the Classrooms”.

“Family Business in the Classrooms” is an educational program launched in the 2019-2020 academic year by the Association for the Development of the Navarra Family Business (ADEFAN) and sponsored by CaixaBank and CaixaBank Dualiza that is aimed at 3rd and 6th grade students. 4th year of Compulsory Secondary Education and Baccalaureate, and also to vocational training students.

Its purpose is to make Navarra students aware of the role and relevance of the family business in the economy and society, its values, and to promote entrepreneurial and business vocations among the youngest.

To this end, it foresees a series of actions that serve to reinforce academic content related to family business and entrepreneurship, and that also allow direct contact of students and their teachers with the business world. Thus, through talks by family business owners in educational centers, students receive first-hand testimony from people linked to the family business, who describe to them what they do, how they do it, their challenges and values.

Subsequently, the students visit their companies, where they can learn in situ about their operation, activity, organization and characteristics. In this way, the program also serves to guide young people about their future work and market demands, raising awareness of the opportunities offered by Vocational Training and entrepreneurship as future options.

  • In this edition the number of participating educational centers has increased to reach 30.
  • Participating companies: Lizarte, Unsain Grupo, Grupo Jacar, Grupo Mundomovil, Martiko, Jofemar Corporación, Conservas El Navarrico, Ultrafrozens Virto, Exkal, Grupo Sannas, Construcciones Ecay, IED Company, Grupo Luze, Bacaicoa Industrias Plásticas, Congelados de Navarra, Grupo Enhol, Contrevia, Gloria Pets, Isimar, Sertecq, Dysait, Desguaces La Cabaña and Conasa.