By presenting our Corporate Social Responsibility Performance (CSR), we want to share our way of working and our commitments with a business model that establishes long-term sustainability as a beacon that profile our action.

CSR is an effective tool for improving our competitiveness and management

The data collected in this document confirm that SR is an effective tool for improving our competitiveness and management. It also fails to take advantage of innovative product and service development opportunities, which contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals established by the United Nations.

From the firmest conviction, we believe that sustainable management of our value chain allows us to face the challenges arising from a changing market with a positive outlook, reducing our base deck to risk, and improving our competitiveness. This document not only includes those aspects that we consider most noteworthy, but it turns black on white our firm commitment to values and form of management with which we feel fully identified.

We invite all our stakeholders to read this document and will be happy to collect your comments and contributions.