Asociación de Empresas Familiares de Navarra

ADEFAN, Association for the Development of Family Business in Navarra, is an independent, private entity, apolitical, non-profit organization created to support and defense family businesses in our community.

Asociación de Empresas de Frío y sus Tecnologías

Meeting place for commercial refrigeration companies, with the best framework to develop communication channels between refrigerators.

Affiliated Manufacturer Eurovent

Eurovent is Europe’s Industry Association for Indoor Climate (HVAC), Process Cooling, and Food Cold Chain Technologies. Its members from throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa represent more than 1.000 companies, the majority small and medium-sized manufacturers. Based on objective and verifiable data, these account for a combined annual turnover of more than 30bn EUR, employing around 150.000 people within the association’s geographic area. This makes Eurovent one of the largest cross-regional industry committees of its kind. The organisation’s activities are based on highly valued democratic decision-making principles, ensuring a level-playing field for the entire industry independent from organisation sizes or membership fees.

National Center for Food Safety and Technology (CNTA)

Is a private non-profit making association. Since 1981, the aim of this technological centre is to contribute towards improving the competitiveness and quality of the food sector.


Perifem (recognized by public authorities) brings together all stakeholders in the retail sector: integrated, independent, in the food and specialized distribution sectors, shopping centers, as well as their suppliers, around concerns of the environment, energy, safety, and technological innovation in France. Perifem works to involve all retail actors in creating a more responsible retail ecosystem. Its mission is to decipher regulations, promote the development and implementation of specific technological solutions, drive and contribute to the drafting of legislation that regulates responsible trade.