Reforms in the European Parliament related to F-GAS


On 30 March 2023, major reforms related to F-GAS were approved in the European Parliament. The members of the European Parliament adopted their position on the revision of the F-GAS Regulation.


As a result of this, the refrigeration sector is facing an unprecedented challenge, the cold chain will have to undergo a change in strategy regarding the II FF solutions in the short term, for both new and existing solutions.

In general terms:


  • Elimination of all refrigerants that contain fluoride (HFC – HFO) in refrigeration from 2025 and all refrigerants by 2050.
  • A progressive reduction of HFCs in the EU market from 2039, with the complete elimination of HFCs from production and consumption by 2050 (Annex VII).
  • Allowing customs authorities to seize and confiscate fluorinated gases imported or exported illegally, in line with the forthcoming Environmental Crime Directive.
  • From 2024, only 23.6% of the amount of F-gases used in 2015 will be marketed. From 2027, the percentage will drop to 11% and will then drop steadily to zero by 2050, following a declining trajectory. The biggest cuts will occur from 2024.
  • Extending the current scheme for approving and certifying F-gases to alternative refrigerants.

ECOLABEL energy labelling – European framework

The Energy Efficiency Index was defined to continue with new energy performance improvements.

We are close to the next phase, as from 01/09/2023 it will only be possible to sell models with an EEI ≤ 80%. As such, the sale of units with “G” will be prohibited, giving rise to more efficient models and improving the overall efficiency of refrigerated equipment.