At the Perifem Day on March 20th, 2024, which brings together the main players in the distribution sector, EXKAL has received the Innovation Award in the Energy – Refrigeration category for its solution to give a second life to refrigeration facilities, furniture and plants that use high GWP refrigerants.

Based on the options offered by Honeywell’s new R-471 refrigerant, Exkal has developed and commercialized a unique solution to give a second life to installations, furniture and plants that use high GWP fluorinated refrigerants.

R-471 is an A1 safety refrigerant with a very low GWP<150 which, combined with a solution for closing open furniture with doors or replacing them with new cabinets with doors, allows these components to be given a second life in shops.


– R-471 is the first and only non-flammable, non-toxic A1 refrigerant with a GWP < 150, making it ideal for facility safety and environmental protection.

– This solution is sustainable and promotes the circular economy. It gives a second life to existing installations and fluid plants, which can be reused in combination with retrofitted furniture with doors or new

closed furniture. As a result, investment costs can be significantly reduced. The savings can be used to renovate existing stores or build new ones.

– This solution considerably reduces the consumption of both elements: that of the refrigerated furniture (by more than 80%) and that of the installation (estimated at more than 25%).



This, together with the fact that R-471 has a GWP <150, makes the solution fully aligned with the European 30-30-30 strategy and allows direct and indirect emissions to be reduced by more than 90%.

In summary, this innovation from Exkal makes it possible to significantly reduce energy consumption, limit waste by giving a second life to the facilities (and, therefore, make significant savings while protecting the environment) and offer maximum safety for the installations.


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