Driving Energy Efficiency from Europe: An Unwavering Commitment!

Since European legislation, the Energy Efficiency Index (EEI) has been defined as a driving force to drive continuous improvements in energy performance.

As of today, 01.09.2023, we align with European standards by only allowing the sale of models with an EEI ≤ 80%. This bold step means that we say goodbye to “G” rated furniture in energy efficiency. This move is not only in tune with legislation, but also contributes significantly to the overall improvement of efficiency in refrigerated equipment. At Exkal, we have embraced this challenge with determination. For months, we have been dedicating our time and resources to this important effort.

This transformation not only benefits the environment, but also sets a new standard of excellence for all of us.

As a team, we are proud to continue to create a lasting positive impact, reflecting our commitment to sustainability and excellence