EXKAL, as a member of the LuzIA Foundation, has carried out a training course on artificial intelligence at the Marcilla Institute, IES Marques de Villena, for the 3rd and 4th of ESO. Our colleagues Jefferson Quezada (Engineering Application) and Álvaro Santafé (IT) have shared their knowledge about AI during several days at the educational center. As a final point of the course, the students have made a guided visit by Daniel Antoñanzas (CEO EXKAL) to the EXKAL manufacturing facilities. They have been able to analyze real applications of this technology, resolve doubts and consider their professional future as active members in AI.

LuzIA Foundation

Foundation for the promotion of Artificial Intelligence in Navarra, was created to publicize this technology, lay down theoretical foundations and promote future professional profiles that generate greater foral competitiveness. LuzIA is made up of several companies, including Helphone, IAR, Exkal, Das-Nano, Arpa Consultores, Fundación Industrial Navarra and Gobierno de Navarra; It has four other objectives: to disseminate the technical knowledge of artificial intelligence, to foster ethical debate on its adoption, to function as an advisory body, and to promote an innovation ecosystem open to anyone who wants to contribute.